What To Expect

Newborn Session Info


These sessions are best photographed before 18 days old. Once they get a little bit older they aren’t as sleepy and it is harder to get the “squishy” cute poses! The sessions are to focus on the Newborn but I do take a family shot, a couple with mom & dad and can include any siblings. This session is done in my studio located near Roche Percee. (Approx. 20 mins from Estevan).

I have all the props and cute hats/outfits that you see in my images. You are welcome to bring something to incorporate the shoot, but please let me know ahead of time so I can plan for it.


What to Expect at the Newborn Shoot

Please keep baby up for a min of 2 hrs before the shoot. Feed baby til he/she falls off and he/she is right full. (IF you are nursing, please pump. If you don’t feel comfortable pumping, that’s okay, but it does help).
Put baby in a sleeper with no hat and no socks. One that zips or buttons down. Diaper should be loose to prevent marks. Bring a sucky even if u do not use one. (IMPORTANT- Bring a sucky!)

I will photograph him/her for 2-3 hours then end with the family and sibling. It MAY take up to 4 hours but usually takes 2.5-3hours. If the sibling is younger and may not be able to sit and be occupied for that long I recommend you bring 2 vehicles and I will start with family and sibling then they can go home and you stay. If it’s nice there is a park in Roche Percee Park or ice cream in bienfait at the store. If the sibling is not co-operating no photos will be taken with the baby. Sometimes the sibling doesn’t want anything to do with the baby at the studio. If the shot is unsafe because the sibling is beng roudy or pushing the newborn away, I will not take the image. I will try my best to get an image. 

The gallery will take 3-4 weeks, but I will post some sneak peaks if you want!


Maternity Session Info


Maternity sessions are usually booked between 32-36 weeks. These sessions are to focus on your growing belly. You can bring your husband and any other children you have. I will take a couple shots and involve them in the shoot. These shoots are done in my studio or outdoors. In studio I do have Maternity Gowns and fabric that can be used. I currently only book maternity sessions as an add on feature to a Newborn Session.

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